Design, Consulting, Team Leading and Training

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ZEPHER Passive House Consulting

Our Mission:

The ZEPHER Group exists to provide its customers the means to capture the Embodied Energy Equity™ and reduced total ownership cost available in net Zero Energy and net Zero Energy ready building structures which adhere to the Certified Passive House™ building standard.


Primary Services:

  • Residential Passive House and ZEPH
    design for new construction and 
    passive house retrofits
  • Large scale Passive House and ZEPH™
    design / consult on projects for Commercial
    and Government agencies

We also provide:

  • Green building design energy analysis
  • PHPP modeling
  • Job site team leading
  • Construction team education and training in Passive House principles and construction techniques

Your Results:

Passive House Examples
  • Immediate value in total ownership cost
  • Insurance against future energy costs
  • Increased building value
  • A beautiful building with the utmost in thermal comfort and air quality
  • A certified green home that is environmentally sustainable and durable

More Information

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Certified Passive House Consultant
Certified Passive House™ Consultant
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