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Contact us about your green building project. We can tailor our service to meet your specific needs.


You may be looking to save on your energy bill, or perhaps you are looking to capture some Embodied Energy Equity value for your home.

Incredible-thermal-comfort But did you know that living in a Passive House is often heard described as:

living in a climate controlled spa year round?
A Passive house or ZEPH has exceptional healthy lifestyle benefits:

  • Fresh air continually brought into the house
  • Managed moisture and humidity
  • Pollen, dust, and insects significantly reduced though airtight shell and filtered fresh air
  • No traffic noise
  • Incredible thermal comfort throughout your home

Passive Houses can be some of the most beautiful structures in the world.

Our residential services include:

Our Team will guide your project through design, build and certification using Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction principles. We provide architectural service via our strategic partnerships or we can work with your designer/architect. We model your home’s energy performance using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), optimizing the solution to meet our primary goal for your project: Achieve the most economical path to Passive House certification and/or net Zero Energy.

Are you building a "green" home or attempting a deep energy retrofit?  Has your designer predicted your home's energy performance? If your design does not have targeted energy performance numbers, your home design may not really be all that green from an energy efficiency and carbon footprint standpoint.  We are here to help.  We will model your project design or existing home in PHPP and provide a highly accurate estimate of your energy usage and how it stacks up against the Passive House standard. We can provide recommended courses of action to maximize your design’s energy performance versus cost.  The physics based modeling behind the PHPP software is so good that many folks find this service useful in making the decision to go for Passive House certification. 

Recent analysis of a "passive solar" home design highlighted issues with the thermal envelope that our thermal designer discovered and recommended some simple design changes to fix.  These changes yielded a 6 fold decrease in heating energy requirement!  

Make your home into your own Exclusive spa Resort and enjoy the year round comfort of a Passive House!


Large scale Passive House and ZEPH™ projects for Commercial, Government and DoD can encompass a variety of styles. New construction can be limitless in style, and a facade upgrade of existing buildings can make the Passive House and ZEPH retrofit both highly affordable and stylish at the same time.

The ZEPHER Group clearly recognizes the emerging requirements for new and retrofit projects in North America for schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and government / military base facilities. We stand ready to facilitate your net Zero basing requirements.


The example here is the drexel und weiss factory Passive House retrofit. The requirements for the facade upgrade were leveraged with the concept of a Passive house upgrade.

The overall additional costs thus amounted to 6,000 Euros. In comparison, the annual energy costs were reduced by around the same amount, so that the investment paid itself off in the first year. - excerpt from Excellent rehabilitation of the Drexel und Weiss headquarters Reinhard Weiss and Gerhard Zweier

The veteran owned ZEPHER Group cannot help but to note that the original structure looks identical to much of the existing Department of Defense base infrastructure.

We stand ready to facilitate your net Zero basing requirements.


Building a Passive House structure?

Past experience in Passive House construction here in North America has shown that the biggest challenge in achieving the Passive House standard is construction project execution.

The caulk guy will fix it... not the attitude you want your subcontractor job bosses to take.

Job-site-team-leadingIn response to this we provide:

  • Job site team leading. Our builder consultants will deploy to your job site and lead critical phases of the project.
  • Construction team education and training in Passive House principles and construction techniques.

    We’d prefer to “teach folks to fish”.

    Therefore we can deploy a team to your job site to provide construction team training specifically tailored to the techniques and Passive House best practices required to make your unique Passive House project a success.
Certified Passive House Consultant
Certified Passive House™ Consultant